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Little snapshots of the world, becomes emotions. Passion ties to desire to experiment, flowing in a jewelry, with refined taste, seductive and original. Precious details are in contrast, giving rigor and defining jewels with elegance.

The collections Asterisco-S are characterized by a magnetic attraction for metals, tricks of lights and first of all experimentation. The brass, burnished silver, gold or rose gold finished, links with sparkling Swarovski and glasses; it’s also combined with colored resins, agate and onyx. Asterisco-S jewels have involving, energetic and feminine style, but with masculine determination.
Passion moves all. Makes you thinking to all pleasures…do experiments…create…smile.
Jewels are emotional objects: they produce sensations, telling stories…about who has created them…and also about who is wearing them…
Jewels are not only accessories, but our secret essence symbols….also. They intensify our bodies, becoming part of us.

The exclusive collection Asterisco-S is the best present for passionate and fascinating people, glamorous and young. The jewels Asterisco-S have all essential features of “Italian Jewel”: innovation, artisan quality and design.
Asterisco-S jewels are full designed and produced in Italy.

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